This blog is dedicated to AMC's The Walking Dead. With a bias towards Andrew Lincoln/Rick Grimes.

This blog is NOT spoiler free after the night of airing of TWD in the US.





What You Get:

One copy of Down in the Willow Garden, hand-bound by me. 500 pages long, fully illustrated. Autographed by Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, and (if anyone cares!) myself.

How You Get It:

  1. Reblog this post before 11/20/14 at midight, EST. Multiple reblogs ARE allowed.
  2. You must be following me at the time of the drawing. I want someone to have this who appreciates the story—not just the signatures.
  3. You must be willing to provide a valid mailing address. International addresses are fine with me!
  4. You must have the “ask” feature available for me to contact you. I will select the winner by random number generator. If that person does not provide a valid address in five days (by 11/25/14 at midnight EST), I will select another winner in their place.

Signal boosts from staff-run (as opposed to personal) Caryl/TWD/Reedus/McBride fan blogs would be appreciated. Don’t worry—I can remove those reblogs from the drawing to prevent a skewed result.

Good luck!!!!!

One of the best Caryl stories ever made, if not the best. I’d love to buy a copy if you had one for sale, but I guess you don’t because it must have been expensive for you to have it printed out.

Anyways, good luck to everyone! Winning such a wonderful piece would be the best thing ever. I’d be the happiest person on the planet if I do :)

I’ve had a lot of inquiries about buying a copy—I just don’t feel right about it, you know? It’s not about money. But I’m giving away as many as I can. I hope to make six more in the new year. I wish I could make 60, and let everyone have one. But they take a long time to bind and yes, are very, very expensive. This one, with the signatures, and the hours of labor that went into it, might have a rough “retail” value of $500.


Photo collection from when I toured Greg Nicotero’s offices and workshop last year.

(1) Panorama of Greg’s office, (2) Posing with replicas of Michonne’s pets, (3) In-progress replica of the Well Walker, (4) Greg trying to make bitten T-Dog kiss me, (5) Merle’s severed hand and Daryl’s ear necklace, (6) Some of the Governor’s head collection, (7) Season 3 Art signed by the cast 

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  • The Waiting Dead


    The Idea
    Every Sunday, I will post some prompts related to the Walking Dead, hopefully covering several different characters, seasons and themes. 

    Hopefully people will be inspired to create something from them, from a discussion to a piece of art. It doesn’t matter what. It can be whatever you choose to make from it. 

    People can post their responses whenever they have them. Depending on the level of responses, I will either endeavour to reblog them all, or failing that, reblog some of the best responses I’ve seen.

    Ideally, I’d like to have a master post of responses for the following Sunday so that someone would be able to go to Week 1 and find links to everyone’s blogs and what they contributed that week.

    The Rules
    There really aren’t any rules, just have fun and don’t take it too seriously. We want to make the waiting for October fun. 

    Can I Contribute?
    Sure! Just send me an ask (anon, or not) and I will add it to the next weeks list (or if for some reason I have too much planned for that week, the following will do).
    I plan to start planning these out a bit. This one is a little slapdash as I’ve had the idea today and am trying to put it together without really having put loads of thought into it.  

    Also, tagging as Waiting Dead or The Waiting Dead would be amazing!

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  • Artist Park Seoung repaints fashion dolls and posts images of his creations on his Flickr page. [x]

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  • a walking dead fancast/podcast/panel show experience: coming to a computer near you?

    so i’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and i think i’m actually going to put some initiative into it as part of a new year resolution.  i want to do something involved with the walking dead but create a bigger sort of fan experience that’s sort of like a round table podcast for diehard fans of the show.  maybe a group of like five or six big fans of the show from tumblr that are in a massive skype call (or some other program that allows us to use video as well in the sessions) that record our opinions on new episodes, fandom things (different categories of discussion like what’s with andrea hate?, shipping wars, rick as a leader, death predictions, etc.) and maybe even instant video reactions once the episodes start airing again.  i thought it would be a fun idea and a fun kind of show for fans of the walking dead that’s different from the talking dead in the respect that it’s other fans with differing views and perspectives in the fandom (but have rational ways of discussing it).  would anyone be interested in something like this (either as a viewer or panel member?)?  if so, let me know!  if there’s enough interest, i’m thinking of holding auditions of a sort to see who would be comfortable discussing their opinions openly and getting in fun, rational debates about the show we all love.  just throwing this out there.  any feedback?


    Can love survive the end of the world ?


    —- Do you know who I am? Do you see who I am? 

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  • FYI

    It's been brought to our attention that tumblr is cracking down on blogs for posting links to live streams by suspending/deleting them. So in the interest of avoiding that, we'll no longer be posting them. You have our sincere apologies. 


    For anyone that wants to find links on your own, I always found them by simply doing a Google search for "AMC live stream". Good luck.

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  • ohno-whoran:

    like or reblog this if you’re a walking dead blog.

    i need to follow more of you!

    link 1 ∟link 2 ∟link 3 

    link 4 link 5 link 6

    Live stream links for The Walking Dead - 4x01 "30 Days Without An Accident"

    Episode airs at 9 pm EST, followed by Talking Dead (special guests - showrunner Scott M. Gimple and Nathan Fillion). To find what time this is in your region, go here.

    Be advised: The quality is generally not great. Also, these sites do tend to contain pop-ups, so enter at your own risk. Streams can cut out, so I suggest having an alternate stream open in a new tab (just mute the volume) so that if one cuts out you can switch over. 

    If for some reason these aren't working out for you - If you do the whole download thing you can try here, or here for torrents. Those are usually up within an our after airing, sometimes sooner. Also, by morning the episode will turn up here for streaming. Hope this helps!

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone that it really helps the show to watch it live, so even if you do streaming or whatever, try to watch it live when it airs in your country (or just turn it on, even if you're not going to sit and watch it) so they're getting a more accurate view count. If you're unable do that, it also helps to check into getglue (networks keep track of trending).